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Luke Grimes Online Gets New Look

We decided that with another season of Yellowstone premiering tonight we would give the site a fresh new look thanks to our friends Claudia and Jasper for helping us give the site a new look. We added a few new things on the site, and will continue to make little changes here and there throughout the week and adding photos we took from the Austin premiere of Yellowstone.

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2019 Event & Photoshoots

We have added photos from Luke’s 2019 Events and various shoots to the gallery. Over the next few days we will continue to add more, thank you so much for your patience with us.

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‘Into The Ashes’ Movie Trailer

Here’s the official trailer for Luke’s upcoming film Into The Ashes which is slated to hit theaters next month.

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Cowboys & Indians: A Return To Yellowstone

Before Paramount Network’s hit series comes back for its sophomore season, we chat with stars Wes Bentley, Cole Hauser, and Luke Grimes about how their characters help to fuel the western drama.

For the benefit of those who tuned in late: In the final Season 1 episode of Yellowstone, the epic Paramount Network series created and produced by Taylor Sheridan (Wind RiverHell or High Water), family ties were by turn frayed and reinforced, and groundwork was set for more conflict and tumult during Season 2.

John Dutton (Kevin Costner), the proud owner of Yellowstone, a massive Montana cattle ranch described as “the size of Rhode Island,” continues to defend and preserve his legacy even as his health fails and his enemies — including land developer Dan Jenkins (Danny Huston) and Native American businessman and activist Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) — strengthen.

Typically, John demands absolute loyalty from his family and employees and warns of dire consequences for anyone he views as potentially treacherous or, worse, deliberately disobedient. Atypically, Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley), John’s lawyer son, defied his father and launched a campaign for state attorney general — thereby ensuring not only banishment from his father’s inner circle but a vicious visit from Beth (Kelly Reilly), his mood-swinging, aggressively unstable sister. She arrives at campaign headquarters just to cut up his credit cards and sever all other ties to the Dutton clan.

Throughout Season 1, Beth also had close encounters of a different kind with Yellowstone ranch foreman Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), John’s longtime employee and frequent enforcer. Despite (or perhaps because of) his on-again, off-again sexual relationship with the manic Beth, Rip never wavers in his fealty to John. And he is very adept at keeping secrets: He knows where all the bodies are buried, quite possibly because he planted some of them — most of them? — himself.

In Season 2, it seems likely that body count might rise, with a little help from John’s other son, Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes), a former Navy SEAL who spent years bitterly estranged from John—but who, at the end of Season 1, returned to Yellowstone with Tate (Brecken Merrill), his own young son. By that point, viewers had already seen Kayce is slow to turn violent, but brutally efficient when inflicting mayhem. Will he spill blood again as a defender of Yellowstone?

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‘Into The Ashes’ Gets Release Date

RLJE Films has nabbed action-thriller Into the Ashes, which stars Luke Grimes, Longmire star Robert Taylor, James Badge Dale and Frank Grillo.

Written and directed by Aaron Harvey, the film is set for a theatrical and on-demand release from July 19. Into the Ashes features Grimes playing Nick Brenner, an ex-con who believes he has escaped his violent past, only to find his old crew hasn’t forgotten about him or the money he stole.

When his wife is taken from him, Brenner has nothing left to lose. Confronted by the town sheriff (Taylor), who is also his father-in-law, he must decide if he will stay on his new path or secure revenge and force his enemies to pay for what they have done.

“With such a talented cast, including the great Frank Grillo, we know movie fans can’t wait to see what the film has in store for them — and they will not be disappointed,” Mark Ward, chief acquisitions officer for RLJE Films, said in a statement.

Into the Ashes is produced by Harvey, Robert Ogden Barnum, Eric Binns, Daniel Blanc, Jamin O’Brien and David Cade.

Ward and Jess De Leo from RLJE Films and Barnum negotiated the deal on behalf of the filmmakers.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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Yellowstone Season Premiere Announced

Paramount Network’s epic ranch drama Yellowstone will premiere its second season at the ATX Television Festival. The fest also announced that they will be offering single ticket sales for select events. The eighth season of the fest will take place June 6-9 in Austin, Tex.

The second season Yellowstone season 2 will premiere at the fest on June 7 ahead of its June 19 debut on the Paramount Network. The screening will be followed by a panel conversation with cast members Luke Grimes, Wes Bentley, Cole Hauser, Kelsey Asbille, and Gil Birmingham. Additional panelists will be announced at a later date.

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News: Yellowstone Season 2 Premiere Date and Trailer

The first trailer for season 2 of Yellowstone has been released as well as the premiere date which will be June 19 at 10pm on the Paramount Network.

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Photos: New 2019 Photoshoot

I have added Luke’s first photoshoot (while promoting Yellowstone for it’s upcoming second season) from 2019 to our image gallery!

0002.jpg 0001.jpg 0003.jpg

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Happy Birthday Luke

We’d like to take a moment to wish a happy birthday to Luke Grimes, without him this site would not exist. We hope that his day is filled with those whom he loves. Thanks for allowing us to find escape in your movie roles. – Happy Birthday, may 35 treat you just as well.

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Luke Grimes for ContentMode

Earlier this year Luke sat down with the folks of Contentmode to discuss all things Yellowstone – Taylor Sheridan’s writing, working with his TV family and more. Photographer Dylan Coulter took some absolutely beautiful photos of Luke for CM, Please take a look at his website as his work is just wonderful.

Did you and your on-screen family – Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, and Wes Bentley – do any special preparation to play the Duttons?

Preparation in acting can mean a lot of things. For example NOT meeting someone could be a form of it, Or spending three days in a tent with the guys playing your brothers could also. Taylor is aware of how to prepare his actors well.

Did you and your on-screen family – Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, and Wes Bentley – do any special preparation to play the Duttons?

Preparation in acting can mean a lot of things. For example NOT meeting someone could be a form of it, Or spending three days in a tent with the guys playing your brothers could also. Taylor is aware of how to prepare his actors well.

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