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Do you ever feel like there are so many versions of yourself that you don’t know which to pick? Acting is a way to be all of them. Not that I’m sitting around all day having existential conversations. But it’s the job: investigating people, seeing why they are the way they are, why they make the decisions they make.

All the adults in my life were people who were always looking inward, and I’m really glad I grew up that way. Money and status weren’t the things that were important in my house.

You know you’re on when you’re playing in front a live audience, and you know you’re on when you’re in front of the camera. And even though you can’t really remember what happens in those moments, you know you need to feel that way again. It’s almost like a drug.

A lot of people can’t separate talent from fame. And often you’ll hear celebrities wax poetic about all that shit, which gets annoying. But I really think actors can get to the point where their work is inspiring, and so that’s where I’d like to end up.

It’s really odd to be up close to an icon like Bruce Willis. You’re used to seeing him on a screen, 50 feet tall. To think, ‘Hmm, I’m taller than you are’ is just weird.

Luke: (on being religious) Growing up I believed in it fully. And I thought something was wrong with me when I couldn’t speak in tongues. I used to try but I knew I was faking it.

Something that’s not important is trying to find that spotlight. If it comes, it comes, and you have to deal with it because that’s what you signed up for, and you’ve made yourself public domain… I don’t think you’ll see me embarrass myself too much.

(on fan reaction over his role on “Brothers and Sisters”) [Fans are] entitled to their opinions, but I just hope that they enjoy what I’m doing. Getting a show is really exciting, but knowing that there were people who watched it every week who didn’t want you on, it can start to mess with your head. So I decided, from now on I’ll just do my job and they can blog and do theirs [Laughs].

(on moving from Ohio to California) I watched through the windshield as it changed from green to desert to California. It freaked me out. It wasn’t like school. It was like, this is my new life.

My whole upbringing was very sheltered and Christian. I went to Christian schools and church three times a week, church camp, the whole thing.

(on doing sex scenes) You are worried about it affecting you – as a guy, if you know what I mean. You don’t want to embarrass yourself. But I think from now on I am just going to enjoy it. If it affects me, then it’s like, ‘Sorry guys, I’m just really in character.’

taken from tv.com