Luke Grimes Online

11/27/2015 ashley 0 Comment(s) Site News

Welcome to the brand new Luke Grimes Online! Holly & I decided to join forces and merge our respective sites Luke Grimes Online ( & Luke Grimes Network ( and make one big fan site for the latest on Luke Grimes.

We are currently working on finishing the rebuild of our image gallery, but we hope you like the new site and if you should run into any problems please don’t hesitiate to let us know.

Make sure to follow us on our twitter account @_LukeGrimes.

12/24/2014 Holly 0 Comment(s) Site News

Thanks to the lovely Sara from GreyStreet Designs, we have matching themes for our main site and photo gallery. Updates are coming soon for the main site as well as the gallery so please stay tuned!

12/16/2013 Holly 0 Comment(s) Site News

We are officially open for visitors! There’s still quite a bit of work to do around the site but I’ll be fleshing the gallery out over the next couple of weeks. If you’d like to donate anything to help, feel free to visit the site section where there is a contribute form that you can fill out.

Thank you for dropping by.

11/04/2013 Holly 0 Comment(s) Site News

Make sure to watch this page for your newest source on Luke Grimes! Coming soon in December of 2013!